Satyajit Ray Short Film Competition

The short film programme is a celebration of new filmmaking talent that explores themes of South Asian experience. Many previous winners of this award have successfully developed their careers and moved into making feature films, including young director Shubhashish Bhutiani, who has followed up his 2014 award winning short film Khush with a highly anticipated and charming debut feature Hotel Salvation which will screen at LIFF this year.

Various languages with English subtitles. Total running time 104 mins.

London | Bernie Grant Arts Centre
June 25, 2017 4:00 pm

London | Nehru Centre
June 28, 2017 6:30 pm

mouth of hell film still

Mouth of Hell

Year: 2015 | Country: UK
Director: Samir Mehanovic | Run time: 15 | Language: Hindi

Bafta nominated. The coal mines of Jharia, India, where smoke and fumes belch from cracks in the ground, is the home of 8 year old Anant, who scrapes a living picking coal and selling it at the local markets to feed himself and his sick mother. One day a chance encounter sets off a chain of events that will change Anant’s life.


Year: 2015 | Country: Switzerland
Director: Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa | Run time: 12 | Language: Bengali

A multi-award winning documentary about a beautiful but strange young woman, Moriom who insists that her parents torture her and keep her a prisoner. Her parents tell a very different story.


Year: 2017 | Country: India
Director: Faraz Arif Ansari | Run time: 15 | Language: No Dialogue

A romance that develops slowly and intoxicatingly nestled in the silences and quiet comforts of the end-of-day train journeys.

With Love From Calais

Year: 2016 | Country: UK
Director: Manjinder Virk | Run time: 15 | Language: English/ Farsi

A woman volunteer at the refugee camp, the Calais Jungle, returns home to find that she is unable to let go of her experience and continue with her previous life. Based on real documentary footage fused with drama.


Year: 2016 | Country: USA
Director: Anay Tarnekar | Run time: 16 | Language: Marathi

A tribal man (Girish Kulkarni), debt-ridden and struggling to gain the respect of his long-suffering wife (Radhika Apte), finds himself at a crossroad, where he must choose between winning his family’s trust or betraying his religious beliefs.


Year: 2016 | Country: India
Director: Siddarth Chauhan | Run time: 15 | Language: Hindi

As Rajiv and his paralysed mother, Sushma adjust to their new, claustrophobic lives, the shadow of Papa is ever present.

Kivaad (The Door)

Year: 2016 | Country: India
Director: Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli | Run time: | Language: Hindi & Bengali

Minu works hard by day and upon returning to her home she craves just a few minutes of quiet – which isn’t easy to find in a crowded Kolkata slum.

2017 Short Film JURY
Anu Hasan (Actress, Writer, Presenter)
Philip Ilson (Director London Short Film Festival)
Shaheen Khan (Actress)
Richie Metha (Director)
Satwant Gill (LIFF, Jury Chair)

The winning short film will be announced at the Closing Night Gala in London on Thursday 29th June.