Aise Hee (Just Like That)

Director: Kislay
Starring: Mohini Sharma, Harish Khanna, Sadhna Singh
Run time: 113 mins | Recommended Certificate: PG
Language: Hindi with English subtitles | Year: 2019 | Country: India


A joyous and inspiring tale of an older woman challenging society’s narrow expectations of her. Mrs Sharma is the quiet ‘ideal’ wife of a government official living in a modest two story house in the small town of Allahabad. When her husband suddenly dies, she is expected to follow Indian custom and move in with her son and grandchildren, but she has other plans. Mrs Sharma wants, at long last, to explore her life and try new experiences, but this soon starts the neighbours gossiping, resulting in family tensions that soon threaten to curtail her new found freedoms.

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