Shunya (The Abyss)

Director: Vidar Joshi
Starring: Jia Sheth, Lily Patel, Mehul Buch, Raju Barot, Mayur Ninama
Run time: 72 mins | Recommended Certificate: PG
Language: Gujarati with English subtitles | Year: 2023 | Country: India

Anu, an innocent eleven-year-old girl, sets out on a journey with a traditional travelling theatre troupe to find her beloved grandmother, after she passes away and Anu is told she has gone to ‘God’s House’. Anu begins to understand the illusion of life and the reality of death, set against the backdrop of the beautiful but dying art form of Bhavai, a form of folk theatre from Gujarat. Vidar Joshi was influenced by his own attempt to process his grandmother’s death, and his memories of performing folk theatre as a three-year-old, in this touching feature debut.



Vidar Joshi

Vidar Joshi, a Mumbai-based filmmaker, recently completed his debut feature film, 'Shunya,' where he served as the Writer, Director, and Editor. Currently immersed in planning the film festival circuit and distribution for 'Shunya,' he is also penning a feature film for a prominent Indian filmmaker. Simultaneously, Vidar is setting up his second feature film, 'The Green Little Man.' Since 2020, he has been actively contributing as a freelance writer for various producers. His recent contribution was made to an Indonesian Series as an assistant writer. Adding to his accolades, Vidar's recent short film, 'Should I Kill Myself, Or Have A Cup Of Coffee?,' premiered at JIO MAMI 2023. His cinematic creations have previously graced renowned film festivals such as Jio MAMI 2018, MIFF, and Shorted, establishing his presence in the industry. Vidar's work has garnered recognition on diverse platforms, including Rolling Stones, Shemaroo, Home Grown, Shorted, and more.

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Birmingham | MAC CINEMA
June 29, 2024 8:00 pm

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