New Brit-Asian Shorts

Run time: 103 mins | Recommended Certificate: 18

Language: English, Hindi | Year: 2023 & 2024 | Country: UK

LIFF is delighted to be showcasing the exciting work of the next generation of British Asian writers and directors with this sparkling selection of short films. From documentaries exploring the role of South Asian women in the NHS, to young girls finding freedom through skateboarding, there’s something here for everyone. The screening will be followed by a lively discussion with filmmakers.

New Brit-Asian Shorts Programme

Dir: Rajinder Kaur Kochar | 13 mins | English
When 18-year-old Rita is involved in a sex tape scandal, her mother Sonali and grandmother Sushila are forced to confront their own hidden sex lives.

Dir: Leah Rustomjee | 12 mins | English, Gujarati with English subtitles
Invited to a Besna ceremony by their Indian Parsi relatives, mixed heritage twin sisters Maya and Lila must navigate and confront their differences.

Dir: Sara David | 16 mins | English
Four first-generation Indian women who live in Britain, who have been working for the NHS since the early 2000s, reunite over a shared meal to reminisce upon their decades-long friendship and careers

Dir: Rehan Mudannayake | 13 mins | English
A riveting family drama about a British-Sri Lankan man forced to choose between pursuing his dream and taking care of his elderly grandmother who brought him up.

Dir: Billy Dosanjh | 19 mins | English
‘Lumbu’, which means ‘tall one’ in Punjabi, reckons with his father’s secrets in a bid to save his family. Set in the summer of ‘94, in Sandwell, in the West Midlands.

Dir: Mehek Azmathulla | 7 mins | English
A joyous glimpse into skateboarding through the eyes of a global Muslim girls skate crew, who find their feet through faith and sisterhood, as they tenderly redefine what it means to be a ‘skater’.

Dir: Sanjoli Malani | 23 mins | Hindi with English subtitles
A grieving wife takes an unexpected journey away from her home and family in search of solace.

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Birmingham | MAC CINEMA
July 2, 2024 7:00 pm

Director Q&A

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